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I have shifted my site to http://www.idealwebtools.com/blog/. Please do visit my blog for more details. I am keeping this domain as it reminds me of earlier days.

Hi, My name is Aji Issac Mathew. As I was born and bought up in an Army family,so blessed with the fragrance of all states. Stated my educational circle in Barakpore (west bengal) and again back in Calcutta for MCA in NIMC. I stayed in Delhi, Punjab Jammu and Kerala during my school days. I did my graduation from St Xaviers, Calcutta. In Xaviers everyone use to call to me issac as they didnt knew my first name "Aji".

The main purpose of this is to get it ranked in google. So through out this page, the language is maniulated accordingly. My brother Ajesh Issac is doing his computer enginnering.

Currently I am doing my MCA in NIMC. I am not getting words to describe those two years in NIMC. Those were the days where we had fun and studied too. Currently I am in the third year of MCA. I did my summers in Alumnus software ltd (Salt Lake, Calcutta). Know more about the projects I did during these three years. Also to explore it formaly see my CV.

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"The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.
The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been."


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