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I have shifted my site to Please do visit my blog for more details. I am keeping this domain as it reminds me of earlier days.

Aji IdealogAji Issac Mathew

Dinesh IdealogDinesh Upreti


Joshi IdealogNitin Joshi
Sherry IdealogSharninder Singh Khera
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Where else can you find the best people than your neighbourhood. We are the ideal neighbours you can ever have. Idealog is a small software development group started in 2002. We have done some projects for Phenoix Yule, OTIS, Nicolos Piramal, Aries Logistics (Based in Netherland) and many more. We have developed a stock exchange game for NIMC during IINFERNO-2002.


Aji Idealog
Did my summers in Alumnus Software ltd (salt lake, Calcutta). I was a part of the team developing an e-learning tool. The platform was PHP, MYSQL, APACHE (also using Html,Js etc). Second Project was in Java and we developed a Variable Extarctor for PHP files. This application can change the values of PHP variables without touching the files manually. The back end was mysql using JDBC. The third project is to develop a game for mobile using J2ME.
Dinesh Idealog
Did his summers in CMC. He worked in oracle 9i and D2k. I donot remember much more about his project can see his cv at . Also he is working for Deeproot , something regarding SNMP.
Nitin Idealog
Did his summers in Siemens (Noida), Did some image processing using Xwindows and more to come.
Sharninder Idealog
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We provide free consultancy, Also we develop application for all purpose and we donot hit your pockets hard. We also develop website with will provide you good google and yahoo ranking. For more details write a mail at
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