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Projects during MCA (first and second Year)

Basic DBMS package developed in C.

I developed a DBMS package in C under the course "File Handling in C ". With this application we can create a table, create any number of fields, there type can be describe, delete the rows, small queries can be embedded and some more functionalities. This was attractive in look as well.


Image Filters using C (Linear Filters)

Under the course "Image Proccessing", we developed different Image filters in C. I used Windows operating system.These filters were design to enchance the image quality. But some filters were very specific for some image.


Different techniques implemented through C for Data compression, Image compression.

Under the course Data compression, we have implemented different algos to compress the datas. Also we have done some Image compression.


RSA cryptosystem

While studing the course " Data security" we have developed the RSA cryptosystem. Using the public key and private key we use to encrypt and decrypt the message. We have also designed the system which can crack the cryptosystem for 8 digits.


Other cryptosystem like Diffie-hellmann.

We have also developed programms for Diffie- hellmann key exchange protocol. Under the course we have done "Kerborse Authentication server".

Survey and Analysis of College students to find out the popularity of NIMC among college students. Simulation and statistical tools through C to simulate using Monte- Carlo and other method under SQC and Simulation.
The above mentioned projects were some of the projects which we did during MCA. There are many more under web designing and other subjects.
Projects with Idealog

HRD package for Phoenix Yule (implemented in the company)(VB and access).

Information Tracking System for a Pharmaceutical Company (VB and access).

Inventory Management System for OTIS (implemented).

"Bulls and Bears" Stock exchange game. (For INFERNO-2002 inter school B-school meet).


Summer Project during MCA
Did my summers in Alumnus Software ltd (salt lake, Calcutta). I was a part of the team developing an e-learning tool. The platform was PHP, MYSQL, APACHE (also using Html,Js etc). Second Project was in Java and we developed a Variable Extarctor for PHP files. This application can change the values of PHP variables without touching the files manually. The back end was mysql using JDBC. The third project is to develop a game for mobile using J2ME.

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