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My Experience (Web Related)

I made some websites and they were well placed in google before the Florida Update(the biggest change of algo in the history of Google). Its still there for 50s of key phrases but not there for some another important 50s.I am participating in
1) Webmasterworld ( the best forum for SEO and other related topics, full member with 170 posts)
2) Webproworld ( I am member of this forum as well)

Also on some other forums but only now and then. I have written articles on Search Engine Optimization for our college magazines.

My definition of a website

I have been working on this field for quite some time, this is a place where everything changes in a single day, CEOs started begging for customers after the florida update. The old definition of website was " It is a web interface of the company", the definition remains the same but its the time to make it the real interface. Just getting top ranks in google, Yahoo and other SEs are not sufficent, it needs to be more than a visting place. A website should be like a sales person with tie and boots, it should sell. The ultimate motto of site should be,

  • Get new customer ( SEs and SEOs)
  • Retain the old customers (its tough to find new customers but harder to retain old ones)
  • Just not make a sale but give them a complete experience
The Basics of website design

I have read many articles on "Web site design an Search Engines(SEs) " but recently we were doing a case study on "pantaloons (the largest retail shop in INDIA)" and it changed my perception of a website. Earlier it was, make it simple and attractive, get good position in each and every SEs, then maintain it. Fair enough, all is required, the basics cannt be changed but it can be meliorated. My definition of a complete website will be,

  • Good Looking but simple
  • Top SEs ranks
  • You should be able to know where all you customer goes on your site?
  • What all he/she is looking for?
  • Is he getting what he/she wants?
  • Each page should give a report at the end of the month about its performance
  • Each page should act like a sales person
  • In short a complete CRM (which can be integrated with the ERP and SCM)
  • Most important ("Depened on you business and choice")
How to get good ranking

When I started my carrier as a SEO some 6 months back, I read some 100 page books, some100s of 2 meter webpages but at the last I discovered that requirement is just 1 week study (basics of SEO, like title, content, tags, backward links..e.t.c) + continues research of the listing with discussion. In this field no one can help you as the theory changes every fortnight, the books which were written on nov 1 is no more valid as the life has changed. If you still follow the same book you may get a penalty, so to get a good ranking,

  • Content is the king ( donot stuff with the key phrases, now google is using stemming so use other related words, have two pages one for inktomi and the other for google)
  • Backlinks (get links from relevent pages only, other links will not do any good. I am still not sure whether there is any negative side for links from unrelated pages. Logically there shouldnt be any as any harry tom and dick can link me without my permission, but SEs can ask a question "Why the hell 1000s of harries will do that for you", so there can be a penalty, I am try to find it out.)
  • A complete balance of Title, h tags, alt tags e.t.c , this may change from time to time and SEs to SEs.
  • A continues follow up with your log files
I can say that there will a continues war between SEs and SEOs as so called SEOs(in real spammers) are the biggest enemies for SERPs. There is much to write but cannt pen down each and every word, Contact me for more details

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